Building for Sustainability with WordPress

The Internet’s Dirty Secret

The internet uses a lot of electricity. For most of the world, producing electricity means the burning of fossil fuels. This in turn means that the internet’s carbon footprint may have already eclipsed global air travel.

The Mozilla Internet Health Report 2018 states that, especially as the internet expands into new territory, “sustainability should be a bigger priority”. But as it stands, websites are growing ever more obese, and the energy demand of the internet is growing exponentially.

There is a nascent but notable shift within the web industry towards making it more sustainable.

Source: Delivering WordPress in 7 KB

Delivering WordPress Sustainably

HandPressed websites are optimized to reduce their carbon footprint and make them more sustainable. The homepage of this website is delivered to your browser with around 350 KB of data transfer. This is achieved by its theme, plugins and server configuration. In 2017, the average website homepage data transfer was 3.5 MB, making it 10 times bigger than this website.

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