Timeline of progress towards a more sustainable web

In 2006, The Green Web Foundation began a database of web hosting companies who were using renewable energy to power their data centres.

In 2009, Greenpeace started benchmarking the energy performance of Internet companies, and began challenging the largest ones to commit to powering their growth with 100% renewable energy. They release an annual report on their progress entitled Clicking Clean.

In April 2013 the W3C Sustainable Web Design Community Group was established.

In the same month, Mightybytes launched Ecograder, a free tool to measure a website’s environmental impact.

In September 2013 A List Apart published Sustainable Web Design by James Christie.

In August 2016 O’Reilly published Designing for Sustainability by Tim Frick.

Since 2016, the SustainableUX conference has been running annually.

The fifth International Conference on ICT for Sustainability concluded in May 2018.

Also in May 2018, Wholegrain Digital launched Website Carbon — a calculator that tells you how big the carbon footprint of a website is.

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